What is the Best/cost Effective E-learning Technology?

LearningTechnologiesE-learning technology has been evolving for quite some time now; it certainly has evolved through its slow but steady start. It is now growing in use and acceptance. The adaptation of e-learning in normal business training operations is increasing and more companies are experiencing the advantages of the technology.

An ideal e-learning technology should start with these three basic components – Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Content Management System (LCMS) and Talent Management System (TMS). LMS technology is designed to manage the learners: from determining what one needs to learn to perform in a particular position or task, to what the employee needs to learn next to be more competent. On the other hand, LCMS technology manages the learning content, which works on how to create content to be delivered on different platforms. Lastly, the TMS technology manages the workforce: from finding the right candidates to how much an employee should be compensated. The interplay of these technologies is the key to a working and efficient e-learning system.


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Technology and Electronic Learning – Advantages and Disadvantages

tablet-online-marketingTechnology is the music that makes almost everything in the world dance. It is a necessity at work, it plays a great role in maintaining our social life and it is a factor that make everything seem more convenient. This is why more and more educational institutions are trying to incorporate technology in the school curriculum. After all, if computers are the way of the future, schools must make sure that the children know how to operate them.

Nowadays, it is not a surprise to see a child carrying a laptop in their school bag. Some elite educational institutions are even requiring their students to have their own laptop. Okay, so what seems to be the big deal with electronic learning?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the computers, the Internet and electronic learning:


o Computers help students and professionals alike to perform their required tasks. Students need it to accomplish paper works and requirements like term papers and presentation for reports. Thus everybody should at least know how to use applications for word processing and build a decent slide show presentation.

o The world wide web is perhaps the biggest database of information. You get to save money because do not really have to buy an expensive encyclopedia set to do some research. Then again all these information will be practically useless especially if people do not know how to access it. So teaching students how to use the Internet in schools is essential.

o Believe it or not, the use of Internet to do your daily chores, like shopping, depositing money to your account has an environmental impact as it lessens the use of carbon, a known air pollutant and paper which also lessens our need to cut down trees.

o It can be a good medium of interaction. Now in educational chat rooms or discuss boards, a student can get to have in depth knowledge of a different culture. This way, students can help each other accomplish homework while gaining friends.


o Posting too much information with different sources can be quite confusing to a person doing research. What’s worse is that you may find sources with conflicting information. Figuring out what’s fact from fiction may be quite tough. You may even end up consulting your books just to double check.

o People loses the chance to have face to face interaction. This is what concerns most parents. Instead of spending time with their family or friends, it bothers them to see their kids spending a lot of time in front of the computer playing some games on line. This is also known to lessen development of motor skills as well. Some researches even connect this Internet addiction to obesity in children.

o If un-patrolled, the Internet, the very tool for e-learning can potentially corrupt our children’s minds. Online, a child as young as 7 years old can pose to be someone older, thus giving them information that is supposed to be restricted to people of legal age. They can easily get into porn sites without your knowledge.

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Learning Technologies and Other Modern Teacher Resources

Senior woman attending business trainingIt is amazing as an adult to walk into a modern day classroom. They are simply so different from those in which we remember learning. The blackboards have replaced with whiteboards, the rulers have been replaced by smartphones, and in many cases the teachers have been replaced by robots! Just kidding (for some of my older readers who might actually be concerned). But it is not uncommon these days to see classes taught entirely or partially on computers. The amount of learning technologies which have found their way into the classroom is amazing. And they have helped facilitate teaching and student learning over the past decade. Some of these educational technologies are class websites, mobile devices, podcasts, and e learning products.

Class websites are a great and easy way for teachers to facilitate online learning. While traditional classes are still held, teachers have the opportunity to post additional educational material and even homework assignments on a website. In many cases, a college will allow students to look at all of their courses at the same time, on a site such as Blackboard. This helps students manage heavy course loads and manage all of their curriculum, resources, and assignments. The lesson plans from class may be available too.

Mobile devices have been useful classroom resource since the invention of clickers and smart phones. Clickers help to facilitate PowerPoint presentations which teachers often use to their benefit. Instead of writing notes on the blackboard as they teach the class, teachers can prepare their lesson plans ahead of time and click through notes and diagrams as they lecture. Smartphones such as the iPhone and the Droid are easy to bring into a class, and can house information, diagrams, and other tools which may be useful for student learning.

E learning is the new trend in educational technology. It is when students use computers to learn, typically accessing online curriculum resources through the internet, cloud computing, or software. Using e learning technology, entire classes can be taught without ever meeting in a traditional classroom. While this is great for distance learning, many topics such as health care education and business education require hands on instruction. Educators have created a hybrid between traditional learning and e learning called blended learning, which allows them to reap the time management and engagement benefits of online learning while still providing personal instruction.

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